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Residents Lounge - animated pan


Architectural animation can take various forms although it is usually a mixture of walkthroughs, flythroughs, pans, zooms, stills and mixed media. Each individual animation is unique and requires specific attention in the early stages to ensure that it focuses the viewer on the key aspects that the client wishes to express.

An exterior animation might help to visualise the relationship of a new proposal to its environment and explain the pedestrian routes through the building.


The process of creating an animation is complex but can be explained as:


1. Modelling the buildings and surroundings from architect's drawings and sketches.

2. Creating a storyboard or script which describes the camera paths and might include routes, pans or fixed animated views.

3. Adding cameras and lighting to the model prior to rendering a low resolution preview.

4. Adding materials and enhanced lighting to the model prior to rendering full resolution sequences.

5. Adding and rendering sequences of people, trees, cars, shops or other requirements to be layered onto the previous sequences.

6. The individual sequences are post-produced and then edited together before being output to the final format - be it DVD or another preferred movie format.